Professional Certification Course in Women's Neuropsychophysiology

A rigorous, masters-level training in feminine biology for professionals who work with and support women. In this program you'll learn about women's unique physiology, the cyclic nature of feminine biology, and how to truly support women in through all four phases of their monthly cycle and across lifecycles. This is the only professional training offering a specialization in women's neuropsychophysiology and will set you apart in your field.


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Individually-focused women's health program

A science-based women's health program designed to empower you to optimize your health. This program is designed to help you master your energy, cognition, mood, and overall health by leveraging your feminine biological gifts and meeting your unique needs as a woman. Using your unique female biorhythm as a map, you will be guided into a place of balance, alignment, and optimal health.         



Women's Health Program Details





Biohacking is COMPLETELY different for women than it is for men, however women are not taught about these differences. In this mini-course you will learn about women's unique biological needs, how to align biohacking and lifestyle routines with female physiology, and biohacking techniques that are highly affective for women.

In this mini course you will learn:

  • How the female hormones impact cognition, metabolism, and motivation
  • How women can increase brain function, mood, and productivity without working so hard
  • How to partner with your body to perform at your peak and promote your health at the same time
  • How to biohack the female hormone cycle and leverage feminine biology
  • The 4 distinct versions of women that correspond with the female hormone cycle
  • How to navigate and thrive in all four phases of the cycle
  • Actionable tips for how to optimize health all month long (Even on the red days)

What you'll get:

  • A Recorded Women's Biohacking Masterclass Video
  • A Downloadable Women's Biohacking Guide
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Though men and women have co-existed since the beginning of time, only the male brain has been extensively studied. As a result, the female brain is a whole new frontier in modern science, and scientists are just now discovering unique qualities of the female brain.

In this mini course you will learn all about the amazing female brain, including:

  • The neuroanatomy of the female brain
  • The structural and functional differences between the male and female brains
  • The neurophysiology of estrogen and progesterone
  • The impact of the female hormones on cognitive function
  • How to leverage the neurological and cognitive benefits of each phase of the female hormone cycle
  • Actionable tips to optimize women's brain health and performance all month long

What you'll get:

  • A Recorded Female Brain Masterclass Video
  • A Downloadable Female Brain Guide
  • Continuing Education Resources
  • Access for 1 year
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Women are burning out at alarming rates due to a lack of support and understanding about their unique physiology and basic biological needs.In this mini-course you will learn about women's unique physiological characteristics, the science behind the gender "exhaustion gap", how to avoid falling into the gap, and how women can leverage their biology for peak performance.

In this mini-course you will learn:

  • Closing gender gaps in health and business
  • Key differences in male and female biology
  • The neuro-psychology of feminine leadership
  • The biology of burnout for women
  • How to avoid and reverse burnout for women
  • The science of peak performance for women
  • Leveraging female hormones for better health and success
  • And so much more!

What you'll get:

  • A Recorded Women's Exhaustion Gap Masterclass Video
  • A Downloadable Guide
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Create more inclusive infrastructures and systems that truly support women and learn how to leverage women's unique cognitive and physiological strengths for higher performance, better leadership, and more success. Kayla offers a variety of corporate support services, from women's leadership workshops, to corporate inclusion for women, to organization-level trainings and classes.

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Work 1:1 with Kayla to optimize your workflow and become a better leader. Learn how to leverage your feminine mental and physiological strengths for more success, better leadership, and more ease. Move away from burnout and get more done in less time. Kayla will work with you, meeting on a regular bases, to align your workflow with your unique female biorhythm - no matter your age or career status. There is 6-month minimum commitment for all 1:1 coaching with Kayla.


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Work 1:1 with Kayla to optimize your health. This is a deep exploration and optimization of your individual health using a series of lab testing, women's health science education, and individualized application/strategies. Kayla will work with you, meeting on a regular bases, to align your health and lifestyle routines with your unique female biorhythm and address your unique health needs. There is 6-month minimum commitment for all 1:1 coaching with Kayla.


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