Women are Opting & Burning Out Of Leadership

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2023


In honor of #internationalwomensday and #womenshistorymonth we at Her Biorhythm ™ want to raise awareness around a core global issue for women.

In recent years, “Gender Equity and Inclusion” has become all the buzz. This is following a staggering mass exodus of women from the workforce in 2021 that raised eyebrows about corporate inclusivity.

In fact, millions upon millions of dollars have been pumped into global corporate structures in the name of “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”, yet we have made LITTLE TO NO PROGRESS in actually creating working environments that truly INCLUDE women. 

Instead of asking questions to uncover the root cause of women’s mass exodus, we question their capabilities and slap a bandaid of DE&I on a hemorrhaging wound - further driving toxic behaviors that push women out of the workforce.


Is a question that BBC News posed to their global audience...

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