Kayla Osterhoff,


Kayla is a Neuropsychophysiologist and Women's Health Expert best know for her research and innovations in the field of women's health. Formally trained across the health sciences with degrees in health ecology, public health, epidemiology, neuropsychophysiology and mind body medicine, Kayla has dedicated her career to advancing women's health science through a holistic understanding of female biology. Having previously held a senior scientist position at the CDC, Kayla collaborated closely with global health leaders such as the WHO and Ministries of Health to develop and implement major health initiatives and craft public health policy. However, driven by a desire for more flexibility and a recognition of the limitations within corporate and government structures, Kayla embarked on an independent path. In her pursuit of transformative research and health policy reform, Kayla founded Her Biorhythm—a platform dedicated to addressing gender disparities in health research and education. Her unwavering commitment is directed towards reshaping the landscape of health, research, and corporate policies. Kayla's vision focuses on fostering inclusive approaches that not only promote health but also contribute to the health of our planet.

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