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Kayla Osterhoff, MPH, PHDc

Kayla is a researcher, neuropsychophysiologist, and women’s health expert. She is a true pioneer in her field whose novel research and innovations are changing the landscape of feminine health.

Coming from humble beginnings, Kayla witnessed the true cost and devastation of mental illness in her family. This was the catalyst for her career in the health sciences and led her to eventually study neuropsychophysiology.

Kayla was the first in her family to attend college, earning her bachelor’s degree of science in health ecology from the University of Nevada, Reno. She went on to earn her master’s degree in public health and epidemiology from Nova Southeastern University and then was awarded a fellowship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While there, she served on several emergency responses and led the Global Hearts Initiative efforts in Mongolia, Africa, and Brazil. 

After spending several years as a health scientist at CDC, Kayla pivoted to full-time research and pursuing her doctoral degree in neuropsychophysiology at Saybrook University. While there, she earned certifications in clinical hypnosis, QEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback, and integrative functional nutrition - bolstering her holistic view of human health and behavior.

As a woman in a male-dominant field of work, Kayla often found that she had to work in a masculine way that taxed her physical and mental health. Later she discovered that working in this way was not only taxing, but it was unnatural and harmful for her feminine biology.

Through her research, Kayla discovered a blind spot in the understanding of female health and biology – a result of the long-standing gender gap in scientific research. She discovered that women have a very different biological rhythm than men, requiring different support and day-to-day operations in order to thrive. This discovery became the focus of her passion, research, and career.

Kayla has now dedicated her career to empowering women around the world and teaching the science of feminine biology. She believes that women are the greatest untapped resource in modern society and that it is our responsibility as a society to research and support women better.

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