Her Biorhythm Coach


Training Program for Professionals who Support/Work with Women




This masters-level training in feminine biology is not offered anywhere else due to the scarcity of research in this space. In this program you'll learn about the unique cyclic nature of feminine biology and how to truly support women in their health through all four phases of their monthly cycle and across lifecycles.

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This is a fast-paced, applied learning program that provides unique training in women's health science not offered anywhere else. This is a professional development course for people working with women in the health professions, coaching, therapy, psychology, education and so on. By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have foundational scientific training that will position you as a women's health expert and allow you to better support the women that you work with.



  • The live training program runs over 12 weeks and includes 8 teaching weeks + 3 case study preparation weeks + 1 week for the case study culmination.
  • In the final week of the program you will submit a case study report + present  your case study culmination project to the instructor and classmates.
  • Upon passing the case study culmination, you will receive your Certificate + Completion of 34 CPD hours 
  • Lessons are delivered via a series of pre-recorded slide presentations with downloadable audios that you can listen to offline. The lessons are simple and visual and discuss women's neuropsychophysiology concepts + strategies for implementation.
  • Live Office Hours take place weekly via Zoom with Kayla and/or one of the assistant teachers to answer all your questions. Office hours run for 60 minutes each week.



  • 34 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) + Certificate. 
  • 12 weeks of fully supported, applied training in women's neuropsychophysiology. 
  • Weekly live office hours with your instructors.
  • Access to additional instructor and peer support in the private Student Forum for 1 year.
  • A 70-page curriculum workbook - mailed to you in week 1.
  • Case study coaching to help you successfully pass the culmination project.
  • A library of downloadable client tools and resources. 
  • Real-time applied learning through case study application. 
  • 1 year access to the course platform and (download and keep what you want).
  • A risk-free with our money back guarantee that ensures a full refund to any dissatisfied student within 14 days who has completed all of the coursework.



  • You can expect to spend 2-3 hours on training and case study preparation each week + an additional hour if you attend the live office hours.
  • The cost of the program is $4,500 USD (see FAQ section for payment options).
  • **Certain qualified educational institutions can apply a student discount (inquiries to [email protected]).



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The curriculum is supported by live office hours every week with your instructors and case study coaching.



Introduction to Her Neuropsychophysiology

Foundational teachings about the female biorhythm and the neuropsychophysiological signatures of the four phases.              


Her Lifecycles & Biorhythm          Tracking Methods

Learn about women's lifecycles and biological shifts that occur across them + biorhythm tracking methods for women in different life phases.


Her Nutritional Biochemistry

Nutritional biochemistry across the phases with a focus on diet pitfalls, the 'Women's Health Trifecta', metabolic function, caloric need, and food timing.



Her Fitness Physiology

The relationship between the phases, hormonal effects, metabolic shifts, and optimal exercise throughout women's biorhythms.             


Her Neuropsychology

Learn how a woman's neurological, cognitive, and psychological function shifts across the biorhythm and how to leverage the shifts in each phase.          


Her Sleep & Circadian Biology

Learn how women's circadian rhythms and sleep differ across biorhythm phases and how to optimize sleep every night for optimal brain health. 


Her Stress & Nervous System

Learn how the nervous system modulates across the biorhythm and how to reduce the harmful effects of stress on women's health and vitality,                                                                                                                                                           


Her Environments & Workflow

Learn how a women's biorhythm can be used to engineer optimal environments for more productivity,  peak performance, and a more fulfilling work and life flow.                                                                             

WEEK 9-12

Case Study Culmination

Prepare and present a real-life case study applying the program learnings to re-design your volunteer's lifestyle in alignment with her female biorhythm. In the final week you will submit a final case study report and present your case to the class.

Closing the Gender Gap in Health Science Education

Women have been left out of the scientific research for decades and our health education reflects this gender gap. Women's biology is either misrepresented or completely ignored in our health education systems, which is why so many women are misguided and mistreated when it comes to their health.

Women's biology is complex. It's cyclic and inconsistent. But once we understand the physiological patterns and mechanisms of action, it becomes evident that feminine biology is a brilliant masterpiece.

Our goal is to provide you with the users manual for this brilliant masterpiece so that you can better support your female clients.
2024 Training Waitlist

"What The Students Are Saying"

Kristen M.

This program was wildly eye opening and helps me in supporting my clients from a very unique and specific place. Talk therapy is proven to be the slowest and least effective means of mental health counseling. Incorporating skills around how women can best support themselves on a somatic level allows me to guide them in relieving the mental stressors they put on themselves through relieving limiting beliefs about their worth, lifestyle choices, and personal challenges.

Meghann M.

This program was mind blowing and life changing! The personal benefits as a woman will far outweigh any professional add, however, I am insanely excited to share this knowledge with my coaching clients! Everyone should know this! Such a beautiful tool for understanding and optimizing women based on FEMALE capabilities!!! Let's do this!!

Ellie B.

Kayla has put together a comprehensive yet simple program to educate women about the female monthly cycle, and how to listen to their body. By using the principles of this program I have learned how to regulate my daily activities accordingly. I have already shared the information I have learned with many women and health care professionals, and plan to implement it into my own personal nursing practice.

Parker S. 

This program is a necessity for anyone who wants to learn the true science behind the Female Biorhythm and understand the how and why of the lifestyle practices that can be used to live in sync with it. Kayla does a phenomenal job at organizing the program in a very learnable way and her support for her students is felt deeply. I’ll be using my learnings as the backbone of my programming as a Holistic Wellness Coach.

Brooke M.

Her Biorhythm Women's Neuro Psychophysiology certification program is well designed with an easy to learn and understand format. The concepts presented were reinforced throughout the program, each lesson building off of the previous. The real world applications for many of the lessons in the course are infinite. Not only will this information benefit me and my health journey and struggles (at times), but I am thrilled to use the invaluable information with my Photobiomodulation Therapy clients

Kora K.

It's been wonderful, I've loved learning more and more deeply about the rhythms, ebbs and flows of our biology and how we can feel better, have more flow, thrive, and take more leadership.

Meghan B.

My experience in the certification program was highly impactful in furthering my understanding of female physiology and how to best align lifestyle with the shifting needs of a woman’s body and mind. The knowledge gained through this program is invaluable- so extremely useful and indispensable. Every and anyone (our male counterparts included) would benefit from taking part in this program.

Irene K.

I am a 5th year medical student with a passion and curiosity for a harmonious human development . With Her Biorhythm, I can finally integrate and apply the many aspects of our women's specific needs. This holistic approach based on science enables me to offer an in-depth and more individualized service to other women. This program has been designed in order to be able to use the knowledge in a concrete manner thanks to the tools and planners etc so that we can apply it into our daily life and into our clients/patients' lives, well that is a huge positive aspect. Personally, I can see perfectly how I can use this for writing my thesis for my medical degree, maybe leading to some more research while at the same offering personalized templates to my friends, acquaintances or to anyone to whom I talk about it and who would be interested until I become a realized medical doctor and then integrate it into my practice as part of the preventive aspect of medicine for example.

Pauline N.

The program was a wonderful experience. The content and information were well organized and delivered in a coherent and digestible way. The various platforms for learning (e.g., lecture, workbook, handouts, additional resources) provided a well-rounded way to teach and to learn. Thank you!






Kayla Osterhoff is a Neuropsychophysiologist and world-renowned Women's Health Expert who is passionate about empowering women and teaching them about their brilliant biology!

Kayla is formally trained across the health sciences with a bachelor of science in health ecology, master of science in public health, and currently pursuing her doctoral degree in neuropsychophysiology.

Formerly, she served as a Health Scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and spent several years prior working in a clinical setting.

The last several years of her career have been dedicated to researching women's neuropsychophysiology.

Kayla's investigative efforts into the brains and minds of women led her to a major discovery about women's unique cognitive and leadership abilities.

This discovery is the basis for the Her Biorhythm program and the foundation from which to build your new limitless life!