$25.00 USD

The Women's Biohacking Mini Course

In this mini-course you will learn about women's unique biological needs, how to align biohacking and lifestyle routines with female physiology, and biohacking techniques that are highly affective for women, and:

  • How the female hormones impact cognition, metabolism, and motivation

  • How women can increase brain function, mood, and productivity without working so hard

  • How to partner with your body to perform at your peak and promote your health at the same time

  • How to biohack the female hormone cycle and leverage feminine biology

  • The 4 distinct versions of women that correspond with the female hormone cycle

  • How to navigate and thrive in all four phases of the cycle

  • Actionable tips for how to optimize health all month long (Even on the red days)

What you'll get:

  • A Recorded Women's Biohacking Masterclass Video
  • A Downloadable Women's Biohacking Guide
  • Continuing Education Resources 
  • Access for 1 year

[All mini course purchases are final and non-refundable]