Women's Health Science Leaders

WHSL is the philanthropic arm of Her Biorhythm, a nonprofit organization recognized under section 501c3 of the United States tax code, dedicated to fostering substantial improvements in the quality and inclusivity of health research and education - both domestically and internationally.

As a society grounded in evidence-based principles, we understand the paramount importance of constructing our systems, policies, and societal frameworks upon robust data. However, the current landscape is marred by a glaring disparity in female representation within research endeavors. This deficiency has resulted in a global database that is heavily skewed toward male-centric perspectives, presenting multifaceted challenges not only for women but for the collective advancement of humanity.

Our organization actively engages in collaborative efforts with educational institutions, research entities, policymakers, industry leaders, and catalysts for change across the globe. Through these partnerships, we are steadfastly committed to enhancing data and research standards, advocating for equitable representation of women in research initiatives, and bolstering support for women pursuing careers in the STEM fields.

By championing these endeavors, we strive to rectify existing imbalances, foster inclusivity, and cultivate a research landscape that truly reflects the diversity and needs of all individuals. We implore you to join us in this crucial mission to shape a more equitable and impactful future for women's health research worldwide.


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